I like pretty girls. If you pretty girl, please give kiss and send underwear.

Hai peeps!  My name is Michael Korper and I am great player for Harvestehuder hockey club.  I play for fun and I have most fun when score goals.  Last week coach tell me off for no helping to defend in game we lose 7-3; I tell him that I only play for fun, and defend is boring, and great players should not have to do boring.

I like score from penalty corner, penalty stroke, and anywhere in D.  Sometimes I score from outside of D, but then umpire blow whistle to say goal does not count.  I ask why, and he say it because rules say have to score inside D.  I say rules are wrong, he say not.  I say him to pisses off, he show me yellow card and say go sit on bad chair.  I refuse to sit because I great player who play for fun, and chair is boring.

Next day I get fine for fifteen euros from EHF which make me sad.  I tell coach I think of quit, but he beg me to stay because I such great player.

When I retire, I think of being umpire as umpire get free whistle and blowing whistle looks fun.