Free teas for all!

Hi folks, my name is Jason Lee and I’ve applied for the top job at Great Britain Hockey… and I need your support.

You may remember me from that time I masterminded the England Ladies team to an emphatic 11th place victory at the 2014 World Cup.  It’s astonishing to think that just two years later the core of that team went on to win an Olympic gold medal, which I believe can be credited to my philosophy of training players to always be at their best rather than peaking at the right time.  When you consider that Kate Richardson Walsh hasn’t ever felt the need to ask me for advice, it’s safe to say that the facts speak for themselves.

I’ve always been a fan of Great Britain Hockey; I have a GBH shirt, a GBH keyring, and if I was ever sent to prison I would feel proud to stand in front of my cellmate and declare “I’m in for GBH; what about you?”

One of my goals is to create a ‘sharing’ mentality amongst the players, a mindset that has served my family well over the years.  As a child the only time I received new kit was when my older brother had outgrown his.  So my plan is to ensure that when the likes of Henry Weir have finished with a stick, they’ll give it to someone in the juniors section.  I call this trickle-down hockeynomics.

Remember: a vote for me is a vote for 11th place.