They don’t make ’em like this any more, which is a shame.

A lot of people say they’re film lovers, which is weird to me; how can you know you love them unless you’ve seen every film ever made?  I consider myself to be a film neutral – some of them I like, some of them are rubbish, and some of them I haven’t even heard of.  I once made an effort to see all the films, but then I noticed they had released some more when I thought I was finished.  I think they should stop making films for a bit so people can catch up and learn the truth.

Dances with Wolves

I watched this on a plane when I was flying to Oz.  It was good to see Robin Hood living outside of his comfort zone, but the lack of wolves was disappointing to an animal lover like myself.  When I finally landed, I was surprised to discover that most Australians speak worse English than the Native Americans.

Shawshank Redemption

I found the name of this one confusing so I wasn’t able to concentrate.  It’s a bit rubbish.

Lord of the Rings

Apparently this is part of a trilogy but I could only find the first film.  It’s alright, but the lack of realism lets it down so I’m hoping for a remake.

The Man with the Golden Gun

This one had too much talking in it, but the little man made me laugh.

The Matrix

I haven’t actually seen this one, but I’m a big fan of boxsets and this one looked really good when I noticed it in the shop last week.

The Bodyguard

Another one of Robin Hood’s films, this actually had more dancing than Dances with Wolves.