Go away, I’m thinking the hockey.

Hi guys, Jerome here again.  The English Hockey League is a big deal over here in Australia.  The other day I said to my buddy “Looking forward to the EHL next week?” and he said “What’s that?”  I called him a doofus and went home.  Anyway, here’s my thoughts on things that will happen in the games and maybe the season as well.  Most of this is from memory, so don’t get upset if some bits are wrong.  I hate it when people get offended about stuff that don’t matter.

East Grinstead v Holcombe

EG finished last season and won’t have Ashley Jackson who is going skiing this year.  They missed him for one game last season, and they missed him then, so it will be a big blow to them against Holcs.  I think Holcs have a ladies team but I don’t know who.

Canterbury v Surbiton

Surbiton won the entire league last year, so they’re in great shape over Canterbury who didn’t.

Beeston v Wimbledon

Beeston finished 1st last year, but Wimbledon have got Phil Roper who is a good player.  Roper was in Amsterdam for the Euros, so don’t get offended if he decided to play for a Dutch club instead of coming home on Easyjet.  If that’s what happened then Beeston will win easy, but not if it isn’t.

Hampstead & Westminster v Brooklands

H&W have got an advantage because they’ve got two clubs in one.  This game is on the Saturday, or possibly the Sunday – it’s easy to get things mixed up, so make sure you check first if you’re one of the players otherwise you might be a lost.

Sevenoaks v Reading

I don’t know anything about Sevenoaks but they sound garbage.  I could look on Google but I don’t want to waste my time if they are a rubbish club.  Go away if you don’t like it, I don’t care what you think, I’m not here to make you happy, just me.